Pride of the Mohawk Valley. $69

The Pride of the Mohawk Valley is a collection of products sold here in Upstate New York.

Casa Imports began as a small company in 1975 which has since grown to now service 5 states and over 3,000 customers.

The Little Falls facility of Redco Company which began in Canada in 1892 produces almost all of the Red Rose Salada and Junket brand products in the United States.

Each Soap Rock soap bar lights up underwater and over many uses slowly weathers away in your hands like a stream stone in geological time.

Fly creek is a fascinating turn of the century water powered mill which is a family attraction built in 1889. Fly creek offers fresh pressed cider, homemade donuts, pies, cheese, fresh farm produce, and daily tastings of their large selection of jams, jellies, mustard, vinegars and much more.

A Herkimer Diamond matrix is a piece of dolomite rock with an exposed Herkimer Diamond.